Protecting Cultural Property During War

Professor Peter Stone OBE, Head of Newcastle University’s School of Arts and Cultures, has been exploring what we tolerate as acceptable and, crucially, unacceptable practice towards protecting cultural property during war.

Video: Protecting cultural property during war


His research has investigated, within the context of jus in bello, the way in which we wage war and, by implication, the very nature of war itself. More information about Peter’s research can be found here:


Research seminar: Cultural Heritage Protection, 5 February

ICCHS Work in Progress Research Seminar,  1-2pm, Room 1.06, 18 Windsor Terrace

Speakers: Peter Lewis and Peter Stone.

Peter Stone: ‘Progress in the UK’s commitment to cultural property protection in armed conflict.’

Peter Stone has been working on the protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict since 2003 when he was the archaeological advisor to the UK MoD with respect to the invasion of Iraq. This presentation will briefly revisit activity between 2003-2012 and then concentrate on recent developments.

Peter Lewis: ‘Research findings from the CARE of Rock Art Project.’

Peter Lewis works as a specialist project manager within the community development and the cultural sector. He is currently a Research Assistant on the ‘Heritage and Science: Working in the CARE of Rock Art’ project, a collaboration between Newcastle University and Queen’s University Belfast. In this presentation Peter will provide an overview of the project and an update on the production of the CARE of Rock Art Toolkit.

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