Doctoral Training Opportunity for Arts and Cultures Researchers – Publication Skills

PGR Innovation Fund project hosted by the School of Arts and Cultures, Newcastle University

Printing Guttenberg style
Printing Guttenberg style

Theme: Publication Skills Workshop – Journals

Date: 1 December 2015, 10.00am – 5.00pm

Venue: Newcastle Mining Institute, Westgate Road, Newcastle City Centre

We are all aware of the increasing need for doctoral researchers to make their work more visible as they develop their scholarly career. A strong record of publications in peer-reviewed journals is essential for the academic job opportunities that many of us will be applying for in the coming years, and is increasingly important for creative practitioners. Yet there is a recognition that many postgraduate researchers feel that the process of getting their work published in an academic journal is perplexing and beyond their reach. This workshop will provide participants with ample opportunity to ask questions of editors and Early Career Researchers in a spirit of trust, and to explore ‘inside’ perspectives on publishing in an informal environment.

The workshop covers topics including: understanding the peer-review process; exploring alternative avenues for the dissemination of research; what being an editor can teach you about publishing your own work and how to approach editors with your ideas for papers. Participants will hear from early career researchers (ECRs) who have already published their doctoral research and from colleagues with experience of editing ‘traditional’ and online journals in our fields.

Programme speakers include:

–      Dr. Kate Hill (Principle Lecturer in the School of History and Heritage, University of Lincoln, co-editor of the Museum Histories Journal and former Managing Editor at Museum and Society)

–      Dr. Louise Grisoni (Associate Dean Research and Knowledge Exchange in Oxford Brookes Business School, member of the Editorial Board for Organizational Aesthetics

–    Barbara Dougan (Artist, Curator and Visual Arts Consultant, Editor of engage Journal, the International Journal of Visual Art and Gallery Education)

–      Dr. Ealasaid Munro (Research Associate, University of Glasgow Centre for Cultural Policy Research)

–      Dr. Sarah di Nardi (Research Associate, Durham University Department of Geography)

–      Anthony Schrag (Third Year PhD student with focus on Socially Engaged Art Practice and Conflict, Newcastle University, Department of Fine Art)

Please note that this workshop specifically aims at doctoral students whose research addresses topics related to the broad area of heritage, museum and gallery studies, cultural policy, socially engaged creative arts practice and cognate disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary PhD research that bridges the above fields.

There are limited spaces available, therefore preference will be given to participants whose research addresses these areas. If you would like to attend, please fill in the registration form (copy and paste below is fine) and email to: before Wednesday 18th November. These workshops are open to second and third year doctoral students only.



Academic school:

Research Area/Thesis Title:

Part of the programme for the day includes a panel discussion, featuring colleagues with editorial experience. Please submit a question for the panel, based on the theme of publishing in academic journals (approaches, challenges, top tips and so forth). If your application is successful, please indicate if you would be happy to read it to the panel. You will not be restricted to asking one question (far from it!), however we feel it is useful to have a series of questions to help editors prepare their presentations in response to the prior knowledge of the group.


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