Reflecting on REF2014 and beginning to think about REF 2020


ICCHS and Media and Cultural Studies (MACS) were delighted to receive feedback from Professor Karen Ross (Northumbria University) on the REF2014 sub-panel 36: Communication, Cultural and Media Studies, Library and Information Management. ICCHS and MACS made a joint submission to this panel. Karen was member of the sub-panel.

Karen did some ‘crystal ball gazing’ and provided us with some of her thoughts about how REF2020 might shape up. For example, she suggested that the proportion of profile dedicated to impact might increase but that outputs will remain as the primary indicator. Karen also emphasised the importance of strategising now on potential impact case studies, so that we can generate the necessary supporting data in order to tell ‘good stories’ about our studies. An important part of the ‘good story’ is to create strong linkages between the underlying research and impact! Ultimately, however, it is imperative that we pay close attention to the criteria and guidance provided by HEFCE. Thanks for this Karen – it was extremely useful!


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