New Seminar on 4th March: Rasmus Kjærboe, A Museum of Modern Art for the Middle Class

Please join us for our next research seminar:
Rasmus Kjærboe, Aarhus University, Denmark
Wednesday 4th March
Room 1.06, 18 Windsor Terrace
1 – 2pm


A museum of modern art for the middle class: Two seminal cases from Denmark
Why build your own museum? My talk presents two seminal Danish museums that combine nature, architecture, art and domesticity in a total package. Both Ordrupgaard (1918) and the more well-known Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (1958) arose from private initiative, and their particular idiom of informal leisure in a museum setting has since become strongly influential. As deliberate societal interventions, the two were in opposition to the oppressive public museums of their time. Instead, they aimed at shaping and educating an emerging middle class to the art of modernity through popular appeal. This meant a new focus on bodily participation and a new convergence between exhibitions, surroundings and the phenomenology of pleasurable experience.

Rasmus Kjærboe is currently a PhD Fellow at Aarhus University, Denmark. His project on the collection museum of modern art takes Ordrupgaard, today a state-sponsored museum of French 19th century art and post-impressionism, as its central case. Coming from art history, Rasmus has published on topics of museum studies, sculpture and public memorials and held a position as lecturer in theories of art and museology at Copenhagen University for several years. Rasmus is the Vice-President of the Danish Association of Art Historians and editor of Kunsthistorisk Bogliste, the Danish art historical book review.


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