Seminar: ‘Generous Interfaces for Cultural Collections’ – 29th September

A seminar by Mitchell Whitelaw organised by Newcastle University Institute for Creative Arts Practice (NICAP)

Monday Sept 29th 1.00pm – 2.00pm

Doctoral Training Suite (Room 5.65)

5th Floor Daysh Building

After a decade or more of digitisation, the collections of galleries, archives, libraries and museums are increasingly available in digital form. In this seminar Australian academic Mitchell Whitelaw will argue that our interfaces have not kept up; the standard search-and-list approach demands a query, shows too little, and discourages exploration. In this talk Whitelaw will introduce and demonstrate what he calls “generous interfaces”: rich, explorable, browsable representations of cultural collections.

Mitchell Whitelaw is an academic, writer and practitioner with interests in new media art and culture, especially generative systems and data-aesthetics. His work has appeared in journals including Leonardo, Digital Creativity, Fibreculture, and Senses and Society. In 2004 his work on a-life art was published in the book Metacreation: Art and Artificial Life (MIT Press, 2004). His current work spans generative art and design, digital materiality, and data visualisation. Mitchell is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Canberra, where he leads the Digital Treasures program in the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research.

All Welcome – please feel free to bring your lunch with you.

For more information about the seminar and NICAP activities contact


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