ICCHS student presents at Edinburgh ‘Moving Mountains’ conference

Screen shotLast week ICCHS PhD researcher Rebecca Farley joined an interdisciplinary group of academics, artists and architects presenting at Edinburgh University’s ‘Moving Mountains’ conference.

‘Moving Mountains – Studies in Place, Society and Cultural Representation’ was organised jointly by the University of Edinburgh Art History department and the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Taking place over three days the conference was delivered as an open discussion on the impact of mountains and mountain landscapes on visual art, architecture and wider culture and society. Keynote speakers included Veronica della Dora, Professor of Human Geography at Royal Holloway University of London and Tim Ingold, Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen and Professor Eamonn O’Carragain, from University College, Cork.

Rebecca’s presentation, ‘Why is there a mountain in my metro station?’ was a contribution to the panel looking at the relationships between art, architectural space and the concept of ‘the mountain’. Focusing on one of the case study public artworks that she is investigating as part of her PhD research the paper told the story of three mountain-scape mosaics by the British artist Keith Grant commissioned by Nexus for Gateshead Metro Station in the early 1980s. It explored how this triptych of artworks has been incorporated into the architectural, visual, material and perceptual grain of everyday city space.

Visit the ‘Moving Mountains’ website for further information about the conference including all the presentation abstracts and speaker biographies.

Visit Rebecca’s academia.edu profile for more information about Rebecca and details of her PhD research project.





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