Research Seminar: Cultural profiling – a new approach

ICCHS Research Seminar,  Wednesday 30th April, 1-2pm, Room 1.06, 18 Windsor Terrace

Visiting speaker: Laurie Hanquinet, Lecturer, Dept. of Sociology, University of York

Cultural profiling: a new approach to exploring museum visitors’ relationships to art

The existing literature suggests that a fractioning of the audience inside art museums is taking place. This may not be immediately visible through the prism of socio-demographic indicators but Laurie Hanquinet argues that it becomes obvious when attention is paid to the diversity of peoples’ cultural ‘profiles’. Using qualitative and quantitative data about the audience of the six main museums of modern and contemporary art in Belgium, Hanquinet demonstrates that people characterized by similar cultural tastes and practices use similar strategies to interpret their relationship to culture, art and museums. People with a comparable cultural profile belong to the same ‘interpretive community’ (Fish; Hooper-Greenhill) and can be associated to specific places of residence that are coherent with their vision of art. In this presentation Hanquinet will propose a comprehensive framework to understand visitors’ attitudes towards art museums and cultural artefacts in general.

Laurie Hanquinet is a social scientist with particular interests in the sociology of culture and art, and in research methodologies. Her recent publications include:

Hanquinet, L. (2013), Visitors to modern and contemporary art museums: towards a new sociology of ‘cultural profiles’. The Sociological Review, 61: 790–813. 

Hanquinet L., Roose H. & Savage M. (2013) The Eyes of the Beholder: Aesthetic Preferences and the Remaking of Cultural Capital.’ Sociology, 48: 111-132.

Hanquinet L. (2013) ‘Mondrian as kitchen tiles? Artistic and cultural conceptions of art museum visitors in Belgium’, Cultural Trends, 22 (1), 14-29

All welcome. No need to book. Please just come along!

POSTER_ICCHS Research Seminar 30 April 2014



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