Connected Communities follow-up award

ICCHS researchers Anna Goulding and Andrew Newman have been awarded a £40,000 Connected Communities follow-up grant to run four workshops exploring how creative interventions can help develop connectivity and resilience for older people.

The workshops will critically reflect on the outcomes of a range of projects including community gardening, filmmaking, the built environment, product design, digital media, theatre, music, cultural learning and visual arts interventions for those with early stage dementia. Juxtaposing the results from these different projects will generate innovative ways of thinking about resilience and propose solutions to issues raised by community partners.

Over the next few months, Equal Arts, the main community partner for the project, will recruit a group of older people to take a full part in the workshops. The workshops will be held from April to July 2014 at the Great North Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne.  Invited speakers and attendees will write up their contributions for a new edited volume to be published by Newcastle University. The publication will contribute to current policy debates around the provision of public services.


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