PhD student contributes to book about artist Toby Phips Lloyd

Front cover: Desert Island

Front cover: Desert Island

ICCHS PhD student Emma Coffield was recently asked to contribute a book chapter to Desert Island, a publication about the artist Toby Phips Lloyd’s mixed-media installation ‘Desert Island’ (2013) exhibited at Empty Shop, Durham earlier this year.

Emma’s book chapter, ‘What Are You Doing Here? Identity Work and the Figure[s] of the Artist’ unpicks the varying artistic identities suggested by Lloyd throughout the work, from the artist-as-hero to the artist-as-trickster. Arguing that Lloyd tries on, and then rejects or undermines, each of these possible identities, Emma challenges the preconceptions that fix artists in time and space, and calls for new, more meaningful ways to be.

Desert Island is published by The Institute of Advanced Study at Durham University. Alongside Emma, other contributors include: Katherine Welsh (Curator at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art); Simon J James (Professor of Victorian Literature at the Department of English Studies, Durham University); Emma V Miller (Postdoctoral Tutor at Durham University); Mariann Hardey (Durham University Business School); William Viney (Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for Medical Humanities, Durham University); and Nick Malyan (Co-founder of Empty Shop CIC).

Desert Island (ISBN 978-0-9561840-2 3).


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