MeLa research in Hungary, Slovakia and Austria


Chris Whitehead visited Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna to study museum representations of place, population flows and migration in the three cities. With a focus on how histories inform different European place identities he spent time looking at displays about the Ottoman Empire and its eventual repulsion at the second Siege of Vienna, the shrinkage of Hungary after the Treaty of Triannon, Communist-era Hungary and the 1956 Uprising and the ‘Velvet Divorce’ between the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


European Museums in an Age of Migrations (MeLa) is a €2.9million project funded by the European Commission. ICCHS’s work within the project involves a historical and contemporary focus on the significance of museum representations of place for expressions of cultural identity in European museums. It addresses questions surrounding place-people(s)-culture relations in contemporary European museums, involving consideration of the ways in which museums construct places and their inhabitants through representational practices. You can find out more about the project at


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