Research Seminar on Wellbeing tomorrow

Just a reminder, our next ‘work in progress’ seminar will be held fro 1 – 2pm tomorrow (29 May) in Room 1.06 at 18 Windsor Terrace. All are welcome. Below is a description of the session:
‘Wellbeing’ has become one of those terms that has become difficult to avoid, it appears in Government rhetoric, the UK Office for National Statistics is attempting to measure it, it appears in cultural policy documents and drives funding streams for the UK research councils. It has also become associated with notions of the impact of cultural activity.  However, there is no universally accepted definition of the term.
This session will start by exploring the use of wellbeing within cultural policy and how it can be situated within a New Public Management framework. Following this the panel will explore a number of examples of how wellbeing might be understood from recent research projects.
Drawing from ‘Contemporary visual art and identity construction: wellbeing amongst older people’ and their ESRC-funded follow-on project, Andrew Newman and Anna Goulding will talk about how visiting art galleries or participating in arts interventions can impact on older people’s wellbeing.  They will talk about the difficulty in measuring impact and whether quantitative or qualitative approaches capture the process of engagement.  They will also discuss international work seen at the Museum of Modern Art’s Alzheimer’s Summit meeting in April. Drawing on his recent freelance work and the research proposal being developed with Rhiannon Mason & Areti Galani, Bruce Davenport will talk about how different approaches to wellbeing were utilised to meet the needs of those projects.

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