Research Seminar- Dr. Sarah Elliot, 22 May 2013

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

1 – 2pm

Location: 18 Windsor Terrace, Chester Room
Speaker: Sarah Elliot, independent scholar

Dr. Sarah Elliott is an independent scholar with research interests in ecomuseology and the theories of new museology, recently positioning both within Turkish Area Studies. The emergence and significance of postmodern approaches in contemporary Turkish museology is the focus of current British Academy funded work, and previous PhD research at Newcastle University examined the impact of large dams on the cultural heritage of southeast Turkey, attempting to address the issues through an ecomuseum-centred methodology. Hasankeyf, a sui generis medieval town threatened by the Ilisu Dam, was the case study for the latter.

In this session of our Research Seminar series, Sarah will discuss the emergence and significance of postmodern or ‘new museology’ in Turkey’s museums.

Writing in the 2004 catalogue for the inaugural exhibition of Istanbul Modern, the Museum’s Senior Curator remarked that in other loci internationally the idea of the museum is changing and advancing, but lamented its developmental stasis in Turkey. Recently, however, a small but muscular academic community has been manoeuvring for change, and rapidly accelerated private museum establishment has enabled the spread of more responsive museological ideas. Using data collected from research populations of state and private museum professionals in Istanbul, this seminar will explore how the museum is imagined in Turkey, how deeply ‘traditional’ values, relations and practices are embedded and determine any re-examination of purpose.


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