Professor Peter Stone given two top awards

Professor Peter Stone has just been given two top awards by the World Archaeological Congress (WAC). He was presented with a Lifetime Achievement and the Peter Ucko Memorial Awards by HRH Prince Al Hassan Bin Tal of Jordan.

The Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Archaeological Congress[1] (WAC) recognised his contribution to the WAC and his exceptional work with respect to the educational use of archaeology through his published research and training initiatives. The Committee recognised, in particular, Peter’s unique contribution to WAC and world archaeology through his work since 1984, when he was part of the organising team for WAC-1 in Southampton UK, until he formally stepped down as honorary Chief Executive Officer in 2008. During this period Peter helped steer WAC through its difficult formative period to become a major international organisation. The award also acknowledged his exceptional work with respect to the educational use of archaeology through his published research and training initiatives.

The Peter Ucko Memorial Award is presented to an individual, at whatever stage of their career, and whether or not they have followed a traditional academic path, who has made a significant contribution to archaeology as envisaged by the World Archaeological Congress. The Award Committee[2] noted that the award was made to Peter Stone “…in recognition of his continuing commitment to WAC, in terms of its ideals, direction and management, since its conception in 1984 and to his commitment to a world archaeology, based on inclusion and respect, that is relevant and meaningful to contemporary and future society”.

Peter Stone receives award

The presentation was made at the 7th World Archaeological Congress, which was held in Dead Sea, Jordan, earlier this year.

Both awards were presented by HRH Prince Al Hassan Bin Tal of Jordan during the 7th World Archaeological Congress held at the Dead Sea, Jordan in January 2013.

[1] The World Archaeological Congress (WAC) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization and is the only representative world-wide body of practising archaeologists. WAC seeks to promote interest in the past in all countries, to encourage the development of regionally-based histories and to foster international academic interaction. Its aims are based on the need to recognise the historical and social roles as well as the political context of archaeology, and the need to make archaeological studies relevant to the wider community.

WAC is an international forum for discussion for anyone who is concerned with the study of the past. WAC holds an international Congress every four years to promote: the exchange of results from archaeological research; professional training and public education for disadvantaged nations, groups and communities; the empowerment and support of Indigenous groups and First Nations peoples; and the conservation of archaeological sites.

[2] The members of the Memorial Committee are George Abungu (Kenya), Cressida Fforde (Australia), Bayo Folorunso (Nigeria), Jane Hubert (UK), Robert Layton (UK), Arek Marciniack (Poland), Lyndon Ormond-Parker (Indigenous Representative), Gustavo Politis (Argentina), Claire Smith (Australia) and Larry Zimmerman (USA).

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