Dr. Dagny Stuedahl – 20 March 2013

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

1 – 2pm

Location: 18 Windsor Terrace, Chester Room
Speaker: Dagny Stuedahl, Visiting Scholar at ICCHS 2013, Researcher at InterMedia and Project Leader for Culture KICK Norway

Dr. Dagny Stuedahl is ethnologist and has been working on the intersection between humanities and design of digital technologies since 1995. She has been working with questions related to user participation in design processes, with a special focus on young visitors in museums and cultural heritage sites.

Dagny has been involved in several Norwegian projects integrating perspectives from media studies and cultural studies into museum design, such as Multimo (2004 – 2005) and RENAME (Research, Narrative and Mediation postdoc project 2004 – 2008). She is also currently involved in CONTACT (Communicating Organisations in Art and Cultural Heritage, 2009 – 2013 funded by the Norwegian Research Council), and in the Art-App project with 7 major art museums collaborating on developing an app for children and families.

From 2013, she will be employed in a professorial role related to a national research project on science museums and centers in Norway. Since 2005 she has worked with the Nordic conference forum NODEM (see www.nodem.org) and has been co-chairing the organization since 2010. Dagny is also heading Culture Kick, the Nordic network on design and digital cultural heritage, financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers; from 2011-2014, Culture Kick is working to gather models for collaboration and knowledge exchange between research and development, educational institutions, and research and innovation in the heritage sector. We are also delighted to have her as a visiting scholar at ICCHS in 2013.

In the first of the ICCHS research seminars for 2013, Dagny will be speaking about participatory approaches to design and development of digital technologies for museums and cultural heritage communication. Her presentation will cover different design approaches, methods and techniques related to several design case and experiments in which she has been involved. The first involved engaging schoolchildren with mobile camera phones during school visits to museums; as part of the project, based at the Vikingship Museum in Oslo, a temporary media center was established at the museum. The children were then involved in exhibition design at the university. The project also involved a longer-term ‘experimental zone’ at the Norwegian Maritime Museum, where further experimentation with online and social media took place.

Dagny will also be speaking about the project Akerselva Digitalt, a collaborative project between the Norwegian Museum of Science, Technology and Medicine and the Oslo Museum. This project concentrated on developing mobile services for communicating the city’s industrial history and explored a variety of participatory design methods with youth and community groups. Dagny will discuss the use of iPods and maps as cultural probes for place-making, the use of Instagram for engaging followers with archive photos, and will discuss the challenges faced when working with young people in a project such as this.